Maternity Care

All the doctors share maternity care with our midwives. They are part of the South Team Community Midwives, based at the Princess Anne Wing, and visit the surgery regularly. You can leave a message for the midwives on 01761 417278.

If you are thinking about becoming pregnant, or are pregnant, there are some important things you need to know beforehand; an information leaflet regarding this is available to download:

The Midwives will look after you in your pregnancy from approximately 8 weeks when you first meet to have your ‘booking’ appointment at home.

Generally pregnant women see the Midwife about once a month until later on in the pregnancy when the appointments become more frequent. (This depends on individual need.)

For some women the South Team can offer a home birth and ‘team birth’ care for labour – you can speak to us about this at your Booking.

All women receive post-natal visits from their Community Midwife once they are home with their baby, helping with breastfeeding, baby care and support. These visits last until around 10 days after birth, when care is handed over to your Health Visitor.

Along with monitoring your health and wellbeing in the pregnancy, the team can advise you on tests in pregnancy, classes, diet, exercise and preparation for labour and parenthood.

If you are already pregnant please see a doctor as soon as you know in order to plan your care,  the Midwives look forward to meeting you.

For further information about pregnancy and childbirth please visit the The National Childbirth Trust website.