Ordering Repeat Medication & Contraception

Please order your medication online through the GP online services, or in the usual way that you request repeat prescriptions. There is no need to ask for extra medicine from your pharmacist or GP. The supply chain remains resilient against the current coronavirus outbreak.


If you are currently taking the pill and your prescription is due; please request it at the usual time and in the usual way. if your blood pressure is due at this time, we would strongly suggest  postponing the blood pressure check for the foreseeable future. We will ensure that you have enough medication to continue to be protected


If you receive a Depo Provera (contraceptive injection), please contact the Practice.


For patients who already have a coil and believe that this needs replacing in the next 3 months; please be reassured that this can be postponed and you will still have contraceptive protection. We will contact you when we are able to re-establish this service.


For patients with a contraceptive implant; it can remain in longer than the advised 3 years, while still providing contraceptive protection. During these uncertain times we have been advised to postpone the renewal or new insertions of these implants.


If you have any queries please contact the Practice to discuss.